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Team Building

Team Building

Last Saturday, December 16, 2023, an exciting and recharging team-building event was arranged to strengthen the bond within the Alphalion family and foster a culture of work-life balance.

Team Building Games

During the event, the Alphalion family formed four teams, displaying exceptional teamwork and intelligence. With clear instructions from team leaders, members collaborated seamlessly to complete games like relay races, pillow fights, and "team calligraphy." Through brainstorming and showcasing logical thinking and teamwork skills, each team successfully accomplished tasks and experienced the joy of working together.

Alphalion Knowledge Quiz

In addition, Alphalion hosted its inaugural Knowledge Competition, including a written selection round and a rapid-response final round. The quiz covered a wide range of subjects, including company business, products, financial market knowledge, technology, and information security. It was a fantastic opportunity for all Alphalion family to participate, showcasing their understanding while enriching their knowledge base. The competition improved colleagues' comprehension of different domains and enhanced their professional abilities. Eight colleagues were rewarded for outstanding performance. The Alphalion Knowledge Quiz added to the enjoyment of the team-building event.

Event Picture 1

Event Picture 2

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The event strengthened communication and collaboration within the Alphalion family, fostering a deep appreciation for teamwork. It ignited our energy and enthusiasm for work, promoting a strong corporate culture that harnesses our collective strength. With confidence, we will dedicate ourselves to future work with even greater passion, making unremitting efforts for the development of Alphalion. Together, we will achieve mutual growth and create a high-quality win-win situation for the Alphalion family and the company!

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