AWS Founder Spotlight: Journey of Alphalion

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Sharing Ideas:

Part 1: Zero to one (Business-related Questions)

-Brief intro about Alphalion

-Story and motivation behind the new startup

Part 2: The Cloud Journey (AWS Journey)

-The reason to start adopting cloud services.

-The reasons to choose AWS and the services using now.

Part 3: Future Outlook (Business opportunities / expansions)

-How do you keep innovating for your customer? What is next major function you want to add?

-How does COVID affect your upcoming plan?

-What advise you will give to our audience who wish to start their own business?

Learn everything about cloud at AWS Summit Hong Kong on June 7, 2022, from data storage to migration and security. Strengthen your growth potential and gain inspiration from success stories.

Lou Wang, CEO & Founder of Alphalion Technology is at #awssummit Hong Kong! Check out the story of Alphalion Technology to learn how the team has been challenging the financial industry's status quo with its cutting-edge technology. Session will be available on-demand under the Startup Loft track.

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